CS348 Computer Vision


Cewu Lu

Teaching Assistant

Yuliang Xiu
Mingyang Jiang
Zhengtian Xu
Haoshu Fang
Bo Pang
Fanbin Lu
Wenqiang Xu
Chen Wang
Jiefeng Li


Week Date Topic Mentor Material
1 Sep 13 Introduction of Computer Vision Cewu Lu
2 Sep 20 Basic Knowledge of Image Mingyang Jiang
3 Sep 27 Basic Network Mingyang Jiang
5 Oct 11 Object Detection(I) Yuliang Xiu
6 Oct 18 Object Detection(II) Yuliang Xiu
7 Oct 25 Segmentation and Scene Parsing(I) Zhengtian Xu
8 Nov 1 Segmentation and Scene Parsing(II) Zhengtian Xu
9 Nov 8 Pose Estimation Haoshu Fang
10 Nov 15 Action Recognition Bo Pang
11 Nov 22 Stereo and Optical Flow Fanbin Lu
12 Nov 29 3D Vision(I) Wenqiang Xu
13 Dec 6 3D Vision(II) Wenqiang Xu
14 Dec 13 GAN Wenqiang Xu
15 Dec 20 Reinforcement Learning(I) Chen Wang
16 Dec 27 Reinforcement Learning(II) Chen Wang

Group Project

Topic Member1 Member2 Member3 Homepage Video Paper
Benchmark Visual Question Answer Models by using Focus Map 秋闻达 冼臧越洋 张哲恺 VQA
Autonomous Driving in Reality with Reinforcement Learning and Image Translation 孔冰玉 谭博文 胥拿云 Auto-Driving
Semantic Alignment for Hierarchical Image Captioning 卢思迪 方智涌 盛佩瑶 HACap
Size to Depth: A New Perspective for Single Image Estimation 吴怡然 应思豪 郑怜悯 Size2Depth
LINE ARTIST: A Multi-style Sketch to Painting Synthesis Scheme 黎金宁 刘思柒 曹孟尧 LineArtist